Principal Message

As a new school year begins, I want to take this opportunity to welcome our students, parents/guardians, family members, and community to Sardinia Elementary. It is our goal at Sardinia Elementary that all of us continue to work together in order that our students achieve to the best of their ability every day. Sardinia Elementary School is dedicated to a tradition of excellence, where the students’ best interest guide every decision made. Students entering the building will find an atmosphere of mutual respect; teachers who motivate them and staff members who support them. A school wide partnership that includes; classrooms, cafeteria, transportation and district expectations will ensure that SES is a quality school supported by students, parents, community, and the entire school staff

It is the mission of Sardinia Elementary that, in an atmosphere of mutual respect, our students will be provided with a safe and nurturing environment. We expect each student to master the basic academic skills to the best of his/her ability. We will guide them to explore and discover the knowledge necessary to make good choices throughout life: thereby aiding our students to become literate, productive, creative, and responsible members of a global society.

My expectations for our students include good attendance. It is important for students to be at school each day so they are prepared and do not begin to fall behind in the classroom. While they have the opportunity to complete missed assignments, nothing can take the place of classroom instruction.
I also expect our students to work to the best of their ability each day. When a student tries his/her best, there is everything to be proud of. Along with this, students are expected to follow our rules on a daily basis. As part of our curriculum, students learn to care for others, to respect our school, community, and to accept responsibility for their own actions.
Students enjoy seeing their parents here, so if you would have an interest in volunteer work, please feel free to call our office at 937-446-2250. Our office staff can assist you with any information you might need.
Once again, welcome to Sardinia Elementary. I look forward to working with you and your child throughout the school year. I look forward to working with you and your child throughout the school year. 
Josh Michael, Principal
Sardinia Elementary
[email protected]
Twitter: @seswarriors
Instagram: seswarriors
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