School Wellness Plan

School Wellness Plan

The Student Wellness Council at the Middle School is an active group of students, grades 6-8,who work diligently throughout the school year on various projects, including an annual canned food drive for our local food pantries as a community outreach.  Every October, they spearhead Red Ribbon Week, the nationally recognized week for drug awareness and prevention messages in schools.  They also host activities during Drug Education Fact Week in January.  The council members host Celebration Days at the end of each nine weeks to increase awareness of the importance of daily physical activities and then end the year with our annual "Get Up-Get Movin" Day involving the entire Middle School student body.  
The mission of the Student Wellness Council is to learn about and promote healthy habits and physical wellness within the council, within the school building, and beyond to everyday life outside of school. This mission can be obtained through the promotion of positive messages regarding healthy practices to the student body and staff, to include living a drug-free life, being respectful of others, and building character traits that enhance positive body images and self-respect. 

Students Against Destructive Decisions [SADD] is a high school student organization that works to inform students about the harmful effects of destructive decisions. SADD’s mission is to empower young people to successfully confront the risks and pressures that challenge them throughout their daily lives.  They work to help students build confidence while promoting responsible decisions, giving the student body information needed in order to help make good decisions and avoid harmful mistakes. Bullying, self-esteem, drug abuse, distracted driving, including drunk driving are some of the main topics of focus for SADD.  During the school year, SADD members organize and sponsor the following activities:

  • Red Ribbon Week- drug prevention campaign with themed days like “Team up against drugs and wear your favorite team jersey.”

  • Positive Locker Notes- promote self-esteem with inspiring notes on lockers

  • Drug Fact Awareness Week- aims to shatter myths about drugs and provide facts

  • Distracted Driving Awareness Week- videos were shown to give students an understanding the dangers of when one is distracted behind the wheel

  • Self-Esteem Building Blocks- students were asked to write motivating and supporting notes or quotes on blocks. The blocks were then stacked upon each other to symbolize people “building each other up”, creating a visual that is now on display in the library to encourage kindness.

  • Self-Esteem Posters - posters were placed in the bathrooms with positive messages in an effort to build students’ confidence

  • Seat Belt Check- A sheriff will be on school premises in the morning hour on a designated day to check student vehicles and monitor seat belt usage.

  • Mock Crash (which occurs every third year) - A reality based scenario with an accompanying video is created by members that sets the stage for a mock crash. The students go outside to view the staged crash scene with wounded victims.  The community’s Emergency Medical System volunteers join in this cooperative effort to assist the SADD group, serving a dual purpose as a practice drill as well as being a powerful visual into the devastating effects of poor decisions.

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